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Professor Jinhan Kang

Please Briefly Define and Describe What SynBiotic Fermentation Is

The easiest way to explain the idea of Synbiotic Fermentation is mixing Lactic Acid Bacteria with their foods, prebiotics. In English, we use the term Synbiotic Fermentation. Through this method, I attempted to make a completely new formula of moisturizer with new ingredient.

Which Substance you used for Fermenting?

To explain what kind of ingredient I used for this method, as you know, there is a variety of lactic acid bacteria. Among them, I selected three species of lactobacillus and two types of bifidobacteria that are helpful for enhancing our skin health and immunity and combined them. Along with these five bacteria, I selected oat from the fundamental substances of cultivation matrix and cultivated it.

What is historical background of clinical trials on Oat?

Oat has been known as helpful ingredient for many dietary supplements and healing skin dryness for thousands of years. Since 1990s, lab observations to identify the reason – why this oat is so beneficial for our skin – increase. Then, after discovering one of the components of oat, named Beta Glucan, exhibits moisturization, anti-inflammatory, and antihistamine reactions, the actual clinical trials have taken place.

What are specific procedures on Fermentation Method?

Thus, as explained beforehand, I combine the five lactic acid bacteria with oat, and Beta Glucan of oat works as prebiotics. If there are cultivated under this condition, interestingly, what happens is that Beta Glucan on the oat’s outer shell and lactic acid bacteria make synthetic reactions: activating bacteria’s influence against dermatitis and shifting the shape of the prebiotics, Beta Glucan. When Beta Glucan, the prebiotics, is voluminous and various in size in its state of grain. However, in its cultivated state, the size becomes extraordinarily minute. Accordingly, we took usage of this reaction into the actual fermentation method; I assure that we have a warranted patent and that we are the very first-time user of this method around the world.

Please Explain about the Drowning of Oat and its importance

Besides that, if oat is cultivated in the bare state, it becomes harder to be fermented. Therefore, the process before cultivation is drowning oat, or putting them underwater for a certain period of time, which is as important as the following procedures. It is especially important because Beta Glucan on the outer shell of oat is not specialized for fermentation; I make prior adjustments so that bacteria and cultivation matrix substances can mingle well.

How the postbiotics SynBio BetaGlucan is formed and why is using soluble, deactivated ingredients so important?

As a result, after activation and fermentation, the size of single particle of prebiotics becomes water – soluble and minute as the probiotics activates. Though the probiotics cannot be used in activated form, thereby it swifts into the postbiotic substances when it is exposed to the heat and be inactivated. Consequently, the final result of this SynBiotic Fermentation confers is the postbiotic substances. Correspondingly, Beta Glucan of oat becomes soluble and shrinks its size into slightly a Nano-sized particle, which is smaller than 0.5 nm. When this solution is applied to our skin after all undergone procedures, it composes biofilm above our skin; starting from stratum corneum layer, the solution goes into deeper layers on our skin, reaches below dermis and subcutis, and ultimately prevents the loss of moisture from defected area. Since this Beta Glucan binds completely to moisture and prevents abnormal loss of them, it affects greatly to sustainable moisturization; in addition, because Beta Glucan is high in viscosity, its formation is linear type, which aids biofilm above our skin blocks foreign substance and prevents water to leave from damaged skin. These two effects, forming biofilm and holding water, guarantees maintained moisturization in long term.

Please Introduce about Ottabe products and PedAtosol

The Beta Glucan is effective in anti – inflammation; there is a polyphenol substance called “Avance”, and it works for “antinpronotine” and “ankensutain”. It also works as an antioxidant that prevents skin aging. Through all these, it is outstandingly helpful for maintaining skin health and moisture; more specifically, it is crucial to continue moisturizing our skin with biofilm and moisture within to block foreign substances and getting our skin damaged by inflammation and dryness. To put this in real, Oattbe and PedAtosol is a product which contains the solution inside of the moisturizer. Serum is a basic cosmetic with a new formula that is also containing 40% of symbiotically fermented postbiotics.

Are there any more outstanding effects that have to be emphasized?

I would also like to emphasize in the video is that this is a Postbiotic substance. Therefore, it stops variation of the microorganisms, which can also be referred to microflora and micro – bio, coexisting on our skin. Secondly, what makes our skin healthy is the capability of maintaining the ingredient of cosmeceutical solutions because inflammation can be changed into “Alkali” when skin becomes dry. If so, the problem is that many microorganisms are easily adhered; therefore, if the postbiotic solution is applied on our skin, the deficient acidity of skin can be neutralized into weaker acidity, and unwanted organisms can be prevented to be adhered on our skin.

Please summarize your claim and give us your briefings.

In a nut shell, to summarize the entire information more briefly and accurately, SynBiotic Fermentation refers to the process that converts Beta Glucan on the outer shell of oat into the fermentable prebiotics, through all steps that are explained previously, combines prebiotics with five types of lactic acid bacteria, stirring up biological reaction and symbiotically fermented activation, and produces postbiotic solution by deactivating the activated solution. This postbiotic solution contains lactic acid bacteria, and Beta Glucan of oat becomes water – soluble and dwindles into Nano – sized particle, smaller than 0.5 nm. Using this solution as the major ingredient of basic cosmeceutical goods manifests continual moisturization, antihistamine, and antioxidant effects and expectedly transforms tough, troubled skin into healthy skin; I open my experience witnessing that many patients of atopic dermatitis were treated from PedAtosol – the cosmeceutical product made by the solution – instead of ordinary moisturizing products. Likewise, even though serum has many formula of its employment, when this solution is implemented in serum, you can expect moisturization in long term and recovering of healthy skin. Thank you very much.