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Hydro-colloidal SynBio β-Glucan 6 key factors

01. Water Soluble Colloid Beta Glucan (1,3-1, 4D β-Glucan)


It treats damaged skin, aids in anti-aging and mitigating freckles, and advances skin flexibility.  
The water-soluble minerals penetrate the dermis, strengthen moisturizing power through water holding and form antioxidant and collagen precursor.
Water Soluble Colloid Beta Glucan (1,3-1, 4D β-Glucan)


Key Point

It guarantees long-term, inner-cell moisturization through high water-holding and binding capacity; its moisturizing effect outclasses natural Hyaluronic acid.

02. The effects of Avenanthromides




Anti-inflammatory effect l Anti-pruritic effect  l Antioxidant effect l UV-Ray Blockage 


Key Point

On account of these effects, it prevents cell infections, mitigates inflammation on the skin, and advances soothing and antipruritic effects.

03. S. Thermophilus Cultivated Fluids



 Key Point

Its lactic-acid-bacteria-cultivated-solution restores ceramide, contains much of neutralized Sphingomyelinase - converting innard Sphingomyelin into ceramide - and naturally converts Sphingomyelin within skin into ceramide and then restores it.


04. Oat Lipids, Virgin Coconut Oil 


They protect our skin and prevent outer inflammation with contained OMEGA 3,6 oil.
Although the acidity of healthy skin is generally low, the acidity of troubled skin turns into Alkali. It causes microorganisms to be attached to your skin, a 90% higher chance than usual, and increases infections. Since this makes it limited as Akaline soaps, Virgin Coconut Oil can reduce it.

05. Oat peptide 


A water-soluble protein is capable in advanced moisturizing power, anti-inflammatory, and soothing. 

Oat contains abundant hydrolyzed proteins capable of soothing, water binding capacity, and anti-inflammatory mitigation effects. 



Key Point

They are especially capable of repairing damaged hairs. 

06. Oat flavonoids tocopherols / Oat Phenolic ester 


It is capable of blocking UV-ray and cleansing our skin. 



key point 

It absorbs UV rays whose wavelength is 320-370nm; one of the oats' constituents, tocopherol, has an anti photo damaging effect so that tocopherol can be used in cream and lotion for UV-ray blocking.