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Oattbe believes science and nature make a skincare harmony!

Posted by Mustafa Maged on
Oattbe believes science and nature make a skincare harmony!

Do you struggle with sensitive inflamed skin? @oattbe_official SynBio β-Glucan is for you.

What is SynBio Beta Glucan?
Its found in abundance in oats, it is a type of hydrocolloid that helps skins hydration. It also help to calm skin and is suitable for sensitive, dry, and troubled skin. It delivers the key hydrating and nourishing ingredients to skin and a long-lasting calming effect . Based on oats, it helps protect skin from inflammation and helps skin cells regenerate.

This is SynBio β-Glucan serum. SynBio β-Glucan is created by converting insoluble oats into water-soluble through SynBiotic Fermentation. It uses water soluable nano particles that can quickly and easily penetrate your skin, making it absorb quickly and not leave behind any sticky, greasy or oily residue. Your skin sucks it up like a sponge. It provides moisture and nutrition to your skin.

Key Ingredients
🌱Natural Squalane - prevents moisture loss
🌱CoCo Nucifera oil - allows dry skin to be hydrated
🌱Glutathione - prevents melanin production and aids in whitening. It also activates collagen synthesis which aids in antiaging.
🌱Botanical extracts
🌱Oat peptides

Together, Squalane and CoCo Nucifera oil help to maintain low acidity of your skin's pH balance.

This is a very calming serum. If you have irritated skin or redness, this will make it disappear. It's a cloudy serum with a water like consistency that applies smoothly and absorbs amazingly. This is the best absorbing serum I have used. It helps to calm skin and acne while also moisturizing and whitening. It is fragrance-free and helps to fade acne scars.

Since I have started using this serum, any redness or irritation is gone overnight. I get a lot of acne inflammation and it has really helped with that as well. I am hoping with prolonged use I will see more diminishing of my fine lines and wrinkles.

Oattbe believes science and nature make a skincare harmony. This is one of those hidden gem products that I would have never tried but since I did it will forever be a part of my skincare routine. It really soothes, calms and protects your skin from further redness and inflammation, which is huge issue for me.

By Alena Switzer @

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